Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry (little) Christmas

The thing about working here is that the handmade gift rules. There are so many talented, artistic, creative types here that you can count on getting some nice, neat stuff. Except from me. I'm not alone so there is a group that has nice plans but our inability to kick it into gear before the last minute rules out nice handmade stuff. Thank goodness. Still, these are tiny little clay figures that have joined my collection from an artist here who likes to work with clay. And that is my hand. They're small, I tell ya!

And if I'd pulled back a little, you could see my blister. This is a yardwork blister which is not nearly as pretty or nice to get as joystick thumb. I hate yardwork. I really do. It makes me feel like this.

1 comment:

SSK* said...

And I can guess who made these!

And double yes, you are surrounded by oodles of talent and inspiration. ::sigh::

Do I need to remind you that I am the proud owner of a fabric yo-yo covered tape measure? I use it almost every day! : )