Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are these seats too comfortable?

I've decided the only thing missing from this car is autopilot. I have heated seats that I thought I'd never use. I believe I've used them every day that I've been in the car...and if I could just get the autopilot set up, I'm fairly certain I could sleep all the way in to work and all the way home. I would miss out on some exciting conversation, like:

Since when does green mean put on the brakes? I thought green meant go. That's the way I learned it.

What? Do you need a written invitation to merge?

Excuse me, have you seen the "Slower Traffic Keep Right" signs? You: slower traffic.

This is what it sounds like in my car, commuting in and out daily. See why nap time would be a better choice? Clearly, I need one!

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