Monday, February 22, 2010

Back from the Nashville Needlework Market

In case you've never been to a show in a hotel like the the Nashville Needlework Market (like I had never been to one before Saturday), you might like to know how this works. Vendors set up in hotel rooms and shoppers move in circles around each floor.

This is a shot of the Embassy Suites atrium where each vendor has hung a banner (not that you can see them very well because I was only armed with an iPhone but seriously, it's the Swiss army knife of electronics and the GPS came in handy getting us around a traffic jam).

I was excited to see some of my favorites, sad that some of my favorites weren't there, and we also had a great time talking with new designers.

The reason every show should work this way: convenience. Each room had a window, perfect for a window display of all new designs so we could even window shop if we wanted to (and by about 3, we wanted to).

The windows looked a little like this.

We got to see new stuff from people like Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek, The Trilogy, Shepherd's Bush, Shakespeare's Peddler, Just Another Button Company...there was a lot to see.

And then we took a little break to go to downtown Franklin...where we saw no stars, but I ate the hottest, spiciest, hottest chicken sandwich I ever put in my mouth. It was good. But the place ought to also sell milkshakes at a good markup...they'd be looking at a profit, that's all I'm saying here.

We stopped a few places, just sure we might run into a country music star. We never did. Or maybe we just don't know that we did.

I didn't buy anything so that was good.

Not quite so good...I barely knitted but I did make some progress. I think I should have one sock completed. I don't.

And now I want to start something new. It happens that way. Maybe something like these Quaker animals from The Workbasket:
One more picture;
Historic downtown Franklin (via iPhone again. Sorry.) I was apparently listing a little when I took the shot. Walking shows does that to me.

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