Monday, February 01, 2010

Snow day

I'm pretty sure my dog was glad to see me go to work today. We've been cooped up together for 3 days straight, thanks to the arrival of the snow/ice event of 2010 (it'll be the one and only, I'm pretty sure and it was mostly gone yesterday). I did all the work I brought home, answered all my email, and ate all the junk food in the house on on Saturday, I was bored. And when I'm bored, Darcy can't sleep.
Because I talk to her. And pet her. And tickle her feet. And talk to her.

All those things I was going to do when I had a spare minute? Yeah, I didn't do them.
I made brownies and ate them. The end.

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Mary in WI said...

I made brownies this weekend, too. And speaking of brownies, do you have "The Perfect Brownie" pan as seen on TV? If not, get it! I have one and I love it! The brownie edges don't get rock hard and they're pre-cut. Excellent. I think I'll try blueberry muffins in it tonight.