Monday, March 15, 2010

At least now I know how it's going to end (not really)

Thank you, Netflix, for restoring my affection for the whole movie-delivered-in-my-mailbox idea. I watched 2012 this weekend and it was less depressing than Law Abiding Citizen. If you haven't seen it and don't want to run into any spoilers, stop now. There are spoilers.

Here's the idea:
The Mayans knew an event that takes place only every 640,000 years would take place and that there'd be no need to continue their calendar past December 21, 2012. If you're wondering, an alignment of the planets causes the sun to heat the core of the earth so much that the crust becomes unstable, plates move, California does indeed slide off into the ocean, Yellowstone blows up in a cloud of ash and exploding flaming things, the entire state of Hawaii becomes a lava flow, Washington D.C. is covered in a cloud of ash, and the series of movements and earthquakes causes many, many tsunamis and floods the entire world. Except Africa. which has been elevated in all the shifting going on.

Of course, scientists and the U.S. government have been tracking the heating up and they make a plan to build arks to save some. Forty-one countries are represented and tickets are sold to those who can afford them (at the price of 1 billion euros) or given to people with connections. And 400,000 people and some assorted animals make it on the arks.

The movie is a special effects movie. Basically, John Cusack plays himself as he does in every movie. The story could have used some development, and there's a campy factor to most of it that makes it impossible to get too wrapped up in the movie. That makes it my kind of movie. There's a steaming puddle where a lake used to be with dead animals around...let's take the kids down to investigate.

Still, a happy ending for the ones who made it on the arks, right? Never mind that when they pull up alongside the curb of Africa in their warship-like arks, the people who already live there might have something to say about it. Oh, and they weren't probably even invited on the arks in the first place. It could get ugly for the rich men, politicians, Queen of England, children, and the few military types floating the boats.

I'm pretty sure that December 21, 2012 is just another day on the calendar. Still, it's a whole lot more fun that watching a man destroyed by the justice system. Now I need to go check the list to make sure there's something uplifting coming my way. I think I'll bump Precious down the list a little further.

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