Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Quilt Market, Day 2

The second day of Quilt Market was much better. I still felt not right so I skipped breakfast which appeared to be the best decision based on the crowds at the coffee place. Sometimes I make the right decision accidentally. Yay, me!
As soon as the doors opened, I charged right down the middle of the floor. This market is a little different from Houston because the quilts are front and center so I took some quilt photos first. I always spend the last minute of the last day running through the quilts at Houston so it was nice to take a look first. And I surrendered to my impulse and took a picture of this quilt, Run Run Run by Hiroko Miyama because I was by myself, I missed my dog and I could totally do that.

And then I took a picture of this called Shh! She's Sleeping by Barbara McKie because I was so very impressed by the texture that she created, I was by myself and I could do that. What can I say? I like the animals. I like the flowers too and I have several of those, but this time I'm going with animals.

Then I decided to get seriouser about why I was actually there and I worked my way steadily to the right wall. On the way I ran into Pat Sloan demoing her new ruler and rotary cutter in the Sullivan's booth and I found Miss Rosie's Carrie Nelson and chatted with her about all the new stuff she's got going on. And also I talked to some new designers who might one day work with us but we'll have to see how that goes, right?
Once I made it to the wall, I took a break for the largest Diet Coke I could find. Then I went back in. I believe it was right about here that I ran into Lazy Girl Joan Hawley in the Checker booth. I saw the demo of her new zipper technique as well as my first up-close exposure to the iPad (and its excellent LOST application). And now I need one. A lot.

On my way to the left wall, I ran into Barb and Mary at Me and My Sister over in Modaland and they were as fun as ever. They have become true magazine star types with photos of their homes making the big time. I was totally impressed and then I had to ponder how much time it would take to clean up my house if ever I had a magazine spread. It boggles the mind.

Along the way I found Kati Cupcake's Amy Hamberlin and The Quilted Fish's Amanda Herring, new designers for us with upcoming books. And so...I forgot to take pictures. Oh, yeah, and also I forgot to take a picture of Kristine Poor's (of Poorhouse Quilt Designs) first booth and of Delores Storm (devoted dog mom and designer for Lakadaisies). I did manage to take a picture or two of Pat Sloan's booksigning in the Checker booth. I was glad to see a crowd around her. It went with the theme of the trip.

And I tried to be sure I caught everyone so I paused outside the convention center. Apparently, there was not enough Diet Coke in my system because I missed one or two (that for some reason I can only see when I look at the list NOW). And then I limped away. One day, the whole show floor. It can be done if you keep on moving.

And I could tell you how much fun the trip home was. I've already mentioned my experience in security at Minneapolis. I'd also decided to check my bag instead of trying to run through the Dallas airport to make a short connection hauling myself and my luggage. After all, I was headed home. It could take its own sweet time catching up to me. What I forgot to do was take my baby laptop out of my bag before I launched it through the security checkpoint. I waited for at least six months for my bag to come out at the Little Rock baggage claim (why does it take so long for bags to come out in Little Rock? Is one guy down there running each individual bag up to the counter? It doesn't matter. I'm home!) My laptop appears to be just fine. And this is probably why I don't need an iPad. I should save that money and hire a keeper!

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Kona Bay Fabrics Blog said...

Hi Cheryl-

Thanks for blogging about your Quilt Market activities!

As a vendor at Quilt Market, I do not always get out and look at all the beautiful booths so thanks for sharing!!

That's pretty cool you let your readers know what went on!!

Douglas Eagleson
President, Kona Bay Fabrics