Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What next?

When you don't move around much because doing so stirs up a hot and yet sticky breeze, you need something to occupy your time. I have chosen Netflix Watch Instantly.

And seven seasons of Buffy have taken over my life. I thought Lost was bad. But no...only six seasons. Of course, I usually had a pretty good idea of what was happening on Buffy and she had much snappier dialogue.

Last night I suspended all other activities to finish it up. And even though I did not care for the ending, a Sunnydale-sized crater and my two very favorite characters dead, I enjoyed the series. I didn't believe a minute of any of it, but it was fun to watch and just campy/creepy enough for me (although I did watch many scenes through the fingers clamped over my eyes). I think that says a lot about my choices too...I want funny, I want action-y, and if at all possible, it would be great to have a bad guy who becomes a good guy. I don't really have to believe it could ever happen.

Now I need something else to take over my  life. Book, movie, television show...suggestions?
Don't say housework. That will never work.

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