Wednesday, August 11, 2010

While I'm at it: Sneak Peek again!

So nosing around here at Leisure Arts takes a bit of time. I  like to make it worth my while and so I get grabby when I'm pulling covers to post. I have a few more you must see.

I believe I've mentioned before the benefits of working for a company that produces cookbooks. If I haven't, I have two words for you: testing, photography. We have a food editor that occasionally tests recipes for books that don't go on to photography. We eat the results. She also makes things that go on to photography. Sometimes they don't work. We eat those. Eventually they do work and they make lovely photos. We don't always get to eat those. It's OK. Don't be sad for us.

If you've been around at Christmas time and know of my epic battles with peanut butter fudge, you know the Candy book is near to my heart.

If not, just stick around. The peanut butter fudge time is only 3 or 4 months away. I feel tired already.

The latest to come out are Celebrating Candy and Celebrating Cookies, Book 2. Both are available now for $14.95 over at And when the cover copy says they've been tested by Leisure Arts editors, I can vouch for the truth of that statement.

And because I'm an equal opportunity crafter, here's a neato knit book that's new out. As we all know, I learned to knit and to crochet. I like both but I always love cute animals. I want to show both front cover and back cover because I have determined that I often love the back cover as much (sometimes more).

This one is Little Knitted Creatures by Amy Gaines. There are 26 designs for $22.95 but I think everyone should make the hedgehog. I seem to be on a hedgehog kick for some reason (we had another concept come in with a hedgehog and it was luv.) Also there is a gnome or two. And who doesn't love a gnome?

If you find yourself with a spare knit hedgehog or gnome, you may feel free to send them to my attention here.
Thank you.

Good books, all of them! And you don't even have to take only my word for it! To see Mark Lipinski's video review of one of our quilt books, Tried and True, Renewed!
click here!

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