Monday, November 29, 2010

Maybe I should have waited..

I took a break from trying to come up with many, many words and arranging them in some order for the world's worst novel to go and see the new Harry Potter movie. I've read the book. The only surprises were where the movie veered away from the book (and every time I felt a little disappointed although the movie was really very good and close enough that if I hadn't just re-read the book I might not have even noticed).

I learned two things:
1. Teenage boys should not be allowed out in public. It's a theory I've held for a long time but I see it proven over and over. Still, it could probably have been worse: there were very few teenage girls around.
2. Packed movie theaters will not keep me from crying like a crazy person. The book was hard to read because the tension was always so high. Everyone, except the bad guy, was on the verge of death the whole time. What was much more effective in the movie: the beginning where you understand what the three of them are really giving up to go out on this quest. Watching young Hermione disappear from the frames in her family home was really very hard. I may or may not have needed a Kleenex.

And of all that was left out, I really wish Dudley's shaking hands with Harry before they left had been included in the movie.

And on an unrelated note: Harry Potter's five o'clock shadow was a little disconcerting. Not anything like the first time Taylor Lautner ran across the screen without his shirt on, but still, it was surprise, you know? I have no idea why. I'm glad I read the book. The ending of this one might have been crushing without the knowledge that it's only the beginning. I'll start counting the days until the next one. Anybody want to get in line with me now?

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Amy said...

I've just been re-reading the book. I am amazed at how much detail is in the book. I guess there isn't a realistic way to put it all in the movie. Would have been 4 hours long. There were definitely some parts I would have liked to see in the show. We too are counting down for the next one.