Sunday, November 21, 2010

Situation almost but not quite normal

One more Darcy post: as you can see, she's back in her spot and has been seen sleeping with her feet straight up in the air. Wednesday she'll have her stitches out and we can talk about what she should be taking for her hips. And there's still the pathology report on the tumor. Still, she's a Milkbone hound and walking under her own speed. I've now slept through the night (nearly) three nights in a row. And have only made one trip to the emergency vet at o'dark-thirty in the middle of a monsoon. She has a funny haircut that's growing in, a long incision that she doesn't even seem to notice, a bad limp, and pants enough to keep me on constant alert.

We spent the weekend in the general vicinty of the couch. And that makes me happy. And grateful. I am so happy that places and doctors like Hillcrest Animal Hospital exist and emergency vets to deal with crazy dog moms. I do think they should be able to hand out tranquilizers. I am so thankful to have family that sits with me at the vet, waiting for surgery to be over, and comes over in the middle of the night to travel in the monsoon, and who babysit in the afternoon so that I can go and spread my joy at work. Also I have good friends who bring me junk food and do not judge me when I am hysterical or stupid or mean during a crisis. That's a good friend. Other things to be thankful for: Cheetos, Diet Coke, ice cream, excellent credit limits, flexible work, and a very, very good dog.

I've experienced a lot of sitting and waiting in my life. I can be steady in a crisis. Unless it affects my dog, apparently. And the unfortunate fact is, that until the neck translator that Doug wears is invented, I'm going to continue to stink at it.

This look is easy to understand. That's contentment. And it makes me happy.

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JustCindy said...

I'm so glad things are "almost" back to normal.