Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

I really have no idea how I've gotten here this quickly, the day before the day before I have to have a Christmas feast prepared, a house cleaned, and gifts under the tree. I'm thinking about starting a campaign to strike the phrase "as slow as Christmas" from the English language altogether. I think that only comes slowly for children, and really, all they have to do is show up, you know? And how likely are they to be throwing around the phrase anyway?

I have 1 and 1/2 of a pair of socks. I still believe in my heart that these could be complete on Christmas morning.

I have reached the point where my house only has a light layer of dirt and clutter. And this has taken an extreme push to get here. I think I can finish it up in time. There will still be dog food in the floor when the company arrives because I cannot control Darcy. She has no concept of how her "well-hidden" in plain sight food can cause any trouble. And I shrug. I'm pretty OK with that. I am certain I have to move my clean laundry off of the couch before company arrives. We're going to need those seats.

I have thousands of dollars in groceries awaiting my attention. Or it feels that way. It's a lot of groceries. I have no idea who I thought would be cooking them all. I'm going to start with candy tonight. And if all goes well, I'll keep going. If not, I may cancel the whole thing.

Gifts...I have some. I think I might have most, maybe even all. It's the unknown that's frightening, you know? This is on my list of things to do tonight as well.

Festive cheer...I never think of this part until my house is pretty clean and then I am disappointed I don't have more fun things to put around, festive table cloths (which are kinda hard to find for ovals and for card seating), and stuff. Maybe I could make a stop on the way home....

I'll post my cooking flops for sure, along with recipes. My old standby apple dumplings will be making an appearance. When you see them (the flops), just remind yourself that I've warned you that this will never be a cooking blog.

I hope your gifts are all purchased and wrapped and under the tree and that this is a very Merry Christmas!

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