Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas socks, the second

After I shopped a bit on Friday, I settled in at home with movies, yarn, and pizza. I am a wild and crazy hermit that way. I cast on during The Sorcerer's Apprentice (yawn), knit through Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Expendables.

If you aren't into video games, you probably won't enjoy Scott Pilgrim. I am a little and I did, mostly amazed at Michael Cera as action hero. But The Expendables...oh, how to express it all: my inability to turn away from Sylvester Stallone, the amazement at Dolph Lundgren, the dismay over Jet Li's one-joke story line as well as gratitude, and the recurring thoughts that that Stratham guy could really have pulled this off on his own and how much I would have liked that movie. Still, many explosions and I've decided that machine gunfire makes me knit faster so that's a plus.

And then I watched the first part of the Leverage season finale and realized that what this movie was missing was a little Elliot Spencer/Christian Kane...anybody? anyone?

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