Friday, December 10, 2010

I forget things

Last night I decided to take a break. It was that or actually break, I think. It's been a busy week. First, there's Darcy and her continued health weirdness that I think is calming down. She's had two nights of sleeping and I have too, so that's good. I think my sleep deprivation was reaching critical levels.

Wednesday night I had a big birthday dinner with my family before we went to watch my nephew's baptism. And as I thought I had plenty of time, I had no birthday gift, so that meant a come from behind win. And I did. And the baptism was really special. He's a teenage boy and it chokes me up to think about this decision he's made. Don't ask me or I will wax on and on about things and stuff and become teary eyed. I watched several teens being baptized while other teens read their testimonies. I'm lucky I didn't sob out loud.

So last night I decided to watch television and knit. It was still advancing my Christmas agenda in that I was knitting a gift, but it was nice to say "I'll worry about presents this weekend." And also "Yes, the house is dirty but if I clean it now, I'll just have to clean it again before the big day." And then "So I need to get the tree up, but I can't do it while the house is dirty."

Clearly, I was meant to knit. And I had every intention of showing you my blistering progress (decreasing the gusset now, it's all downhill on sock 1). But I forgot.

Thank goodness it's still a month until Christmas. Right? I should probably go check my calendar.

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