Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sing off, acapulco music

I cannot sing. In the famous words (OK, maybe not) of Lady Catherine de Bourgh "If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient!" Lady Catherine? Darcy's aunt? She had a hook nose and a funny hat? You know, Pride and Prejudice? Never mind.

I cannot sing. I learned that in one summer's church choir lessons. But I still sing. A lot. In the privacy of my own home and moving at high rates of speed down the road. I cannot sing but I love music. I love music with words, all kinds. Pop, rock, old, new, rap, country...I like it. And when it's done pleasingly, I am such a fan. Pleasing is not the same as well. My first college roommate, the music major, was probably what you'd call a great proficient, but I'll never be able to unhear her audition for the freshman talent show. And I gave up listening to the radio completely for the semester we lived together.

Still, I like music. And music shows. And I'd like music television channels if there were any.
Videos are from the acapella singing competition, The Sing Off, my two favorites: Committed, a church group whose guilty pleasure song was from the Backstreet Boys, and Street Corner Symphony, a Nashville group who did "Come On, Eileen" as a guilty pleasure.

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