Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow-megeddon, Southern style

Snow day! The weather types have been warning us for days of the impending doom of 4" to 6" of snow (and ice and freezing and etc. that we are lucky enough to get in advance of any fluffy white stuff) and they were correct, nearly down to the hour of arrival. Happily, I actually listened and believed this time, braving Wal-Mart for groceries and everything.

So I am at home, doing a smidge of work, but staring out the window at the snowy street. And in about 16 and a half minutes, the actually stir crazy will begin. On normal days, you can't blast me out of my house. Snow makes me start to itch early and often.
Why is that? My snowbunny Darcy isn't really all that happy with the situation but at least she is not longer coming in coated in the cold stuff head to toe.

And in the theme of the end of days, I'm posting this clip from Saturday Night Live. I've heard several jokes regarding our mysterious black bird deaths (but none by professionals featuring a FlashForward reference. I'm pretty disappointed about that...) but I actually laughed at this one. I'm surprised they didn't make them brother and sister too, but there are plenty of opportunities to try that I guess. The accents aren't half bad. I think that this is how I actually say fish: fi-ish.

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