Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank you

Darcy was a big part of this blog because she was a big part of my life. For some time, I've been toying with the idea of stopping the blog, mainly because the majority of my readers work down the hall. Or so I thought. The truth is that I probably couldn't just stop the blog because I enjoy it. I like to tell stories. And I like to have friends here and there that I've never even met. When it comes to times like this, every friend is such a blessing. I don't think I posted like this when my mother died but Darcy was a big part of this blog so I appreciate everyone who mourns with me.

This is just a thank you to my friends. I feel a little like a crazy person but there's just not much I can do about that. Thank you to everyone for not once suggesting that the way to cope was to just go get another dog. And thank you for prayers. I'm wobbly. I need them.

Jean, who has probably borne the brunt of the tears because I know she understands.
Mary, who has a tender heart and hurts when she sees other people hurting.
Frances and Lisa and Susan who work with me and understand how I can be, good and bad, and are friends anyway.
Susan, for whom I work and who has been so gracious to me.
Jane, who understands what kind of loss this is.
Rhonda and Lora, who are good, easy friends to be with.
Merry, my friend who brought me the flowers and the book on Heaven that have been an encouragement and comfort.
Sheila, who talked to me about knowing when.
Joan, who wrote me such a sweet message through Facebook.
Joyce and Jennifer and Mary Beth who reached out to let me know that they were thinking of me. That means a lot to me.
And Cindy, Liz, Helen, Nancy, Regina and Candace who I've never seen face to face but who have loved Darcy and encouraged me.
And I know there are others who read and understand. Thank you for caring about Darcy too.

I'm at the place where I can totally pretend everything is normal. Unless someone says something to me about Darcy. Or I remember. Or I get a card in the mail from my vet whom I have sometimes muttered about and other times blessed. It was really sweet, encouraging, and full of hope. And I nearly had to sit down in the garage. And spending any time at home is weird. It just doesn't seem right without her. I realized that I've never lived alone before (and I count Darcy. I'm pretty sure the house was really hers even if I make the payments.)

This was a really long thank you note, wasn't it? I'm better with words sometimes, but I hope each of you understands how much I appreciate you.


JustCindy said...

I'm glad you did a blog post as I was wondering how you were doing. Darcy will always be with you and since all dogs go to heaven she is looking down on you. Hang in there, it will get easier.

Nancy said...

and as the days go on it will get easier and easier....I know..I have been through it twice..and that was two times too many for me...

I will give Oliver a hug for you tonight...