Sunday, May 01, 2011

10 things

So I hope you aren't surprised by another dog post. After a trip to PetSmart where my dog's manlihood was besmirched more than once by being called a girl (and I've done it a couple of times too but I have my excuses), I'm sticking with Jack. It's a good, strong name.

Here are 10 things I've learned this weekend:
1. Jack is unfazed by rain, hail, thunder, or lightning.
2. Jack is freaked  by every mirror. He saw a glimpse of himself in a tiny slice of mirror on the curio cabinet and really let himself have it. I laughed.
3. Jack knows how to work a dog door.
4. Jack is very, very close to house trained.
5. Jack has very little sense of personal space, particularly when there is food involved. I don't know what his past life was like but I suspect it involved people food. Not a lot of people food, since he's underweight, but enough to form bad habits. It's okay. He pouts when he's disappointed but he is getting the hang of treats quickly.
6. Jack is very patient. I knew this from the de-ticking but I've seen it also in the the pill taking that has commenced. This is good.
7. Jack is also freaked out by the ceiling fan, not when it's running but when the electricity goes out and it stops, he's concerned. Then, when it comes back on, he heads for the dog door, barking and growling. I laughed. It was funny.
8. Jack doesn't do well on a leash, but he got a little better at PetSmart. If I could have beaten away the salesman who kept hounding me (get it?) with so much "help" we might have done better. I do think he'll get the hang of it. Note to PetSmart: Seriously, you can see I am having trouble coaxing this dog along. Leave me alone with the sales pitch. And for reals...three times is three times too many, dude.
9. Jack is staying home today. All by himself. I am worried. This is just the tip of the iceberg about why I didn't want a dog right now. I'm already exposed nerves, trying to figure out what to do about my trip to Quilt Market next week.
10. Jack is very, very sweet. I've done the best I could not to compare him to Darcy who I miss. A lot. I could give you a long list of how he's not her, but he is sweet. He's warm. He's happy to see me. He's 50% tail that wags when he wakes up. He's a good dog. I might have gotten lucky again.


JustCindy said...

Sounds like you and Jack are getting along well. I don't understand why dogs and little boys want to lay on the back of the sofa cushion. lol

Regina said...

How old does the vet think Jack is?? Those paws look HUGE -but oh so soft! What a dollbaby!

pat sloan said...

awww.. I love Jack!