Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quilt Market recap

Sorry to be tardy with my recap. The cold medicine haze is still in full effect so I'm having even more trouble than usual remembering what I got up to do. You know?

So: Quilt Market! Yay!!

The very first thing I did when I arrived on Thursday (after dropping my bags and running a brush through my wild hair) was head over to the Salt Palace to catch up to Pat Sloan. She was having a marathon Schoolhouse session with one of ours sandwiched in the middle. I had handouts. I needed to get there. And I had fretted over it for about 8 solid hours at that point, thanks to the whole "nope, no American flights through Dallas, instead Continental but only if you can wrangle a boarding pass" situation. I made it and managed to grab a bite before our schoolhouse started at 3:10.

Pat talked about how all of her books can be used to support classes and fabric sales in quilt shops. And I learned a very good lesson about how well PowerPoint translates to the screen (which is to say, not like you'd planned sometimes). We had a good time, gave away books (note to self: you still need to put those in the mail).

And then I ate the entire Olive Garden. I was hungry. I don't feel the least bit bad about it either (although I did have a moment coming face to face with a homeless man outside the Olive Garden. My food-induced stupor helped).

Saturday: I zoomed. Literally. I started with a meeting as soon as the door opened and walked out 15 minutes before the doors closed. In between, I talked with people we already work with, people I'd like to work with, and anyone who waylaid me in the aisles. I like those people. The ones who sit back and don't address you, even when you walk in the booth...not so much.

I paused long enough to visit the Moda booth where Barb and Mary from Me & My Sister Designs were having a book signing for Three Times the Charm. It's always a party when these ladies are around.

I only took a few pictures, intending to take more on Saturday when I had a little more time. And then there was THE INCIDENT wherein my iPhone fell out of my pocket and bounced on the tile floor of the bathroom in the Shilo Inn, never to be seen or heard from again (except it did make random phone calls as I tried to fix it all night long. And yeah, that's so NOT embarrassing, right?)

Saturday I started with a meeting first thing and then did my best to cover the rest of the show floor. I did not take pictures because of the aforementioned Incident. I did my best to ignore the low level anxiety produced by being unconnected and plotted ways to get a replacement phone ASAP. And the flights home were like magic, smooth and quiet and uneventful.

I was sick as a dog on Sunday but I had my priorities in line: 1. Get Jack and bring him home. 2. Get new phone. 3. Don't die from mucus explosion (I have a way with words, don't I?)

For a more restrained version of events, check out the Leisure Arts blog. We're like family here. I probably will be less inclined to mention my phlegm attack over there. I guess you can take that as a compliment? I'll have to think about that.

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PatSloan said...

so great to see you!!!!