Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh, the difference a real camera makes

I was taking photos of Jack to try to get something so that he can make his debut on the LA blog. Yes, I'm a stage mother. I got out the real deal, super duper, deluxe edition, almost a real camera camera instead of relying on iPhone. What a difference. It's almost like I have mad skills or something. Really, it's just good light and a better camera. I have some seriously good and laugh-out-loud funny of this dog to post next week.

I also have these:
This one is a calm Jack. Let's all take a moment to commit this to memory. I call it "Recharging"
Jack says, "Did someone say 'weekend?'" I call this one "One Wild and Cra-zay Guy!"


JustCindy said...

Ah, the recharging puppy. Every pet owner dreads the recharging. lol As my dad would say, This too will pass. I don't know what you are feeding him but he looks like he is growing by leaps and bounds.

Lisa said...

Very cute pictures. Especially the 1st one. I think he’s growing into all that body.