Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ahhh, home

Have you missed me? Did you know I was gone? After a week in New York without an Internet connection, I'm finally home. And I'm so glad. Pictures coming...

10 Things I Learned:
View from my hotel room. The other direction had a glimmer of the Hudson River.
1. If I lived in New York, I would be thin and very, very mean. Even as a tourist, I had a hard time not pushing people off the curb and yanking phones out of people who were trying to read and walk at the same time. Right in front of me. And honestly, the lady who was meandering through a Times Square cross walk while doing a SUDOKU PUZZLE...yes, right there in the middle of the street, you know, with traffic...nearly provoked me to a "Are you KIDDING ME?" moment. And I am a TOURIST.
2. June in New York really isn't bad. Five more degrees warmer would have been catastrophic.
3. I don't think I like Times Square. Too many tourists. Even one more person would have been catastrophic.
4. It's good to be as oblivious as I am...there were incidents and sirens but nothing stopped the action in Times Square. Rerouted traffic maybe, but not much else.
5. A Marriott is a Marriott is a Marriott. This hotel could have been in any city. The elevators were complicated and probably did the best they could.
6. I have a list of jobs I know I can't do. Number 1 is still roofer. Somewhere on the list is going to go NYC taxi driver. The road rage that would kick in my first day on the job would be detrimental to my health or someone else's.
7. New Yorkers have a bad reputation. Some of it's deserved. Even in the tourist hot spots, getting any help wasn't easy.
8. I'm not sure the rude people were New Yorkers at most of these places. It was the tourists that caused the most trouble, particularly with lines. Is it because I'm from the South? I wait my turn. I'd get over that pretty quickly if I had to live in New York.
9. I don't love the mass transit although there's no better way to get around the city. I like driving my car. I think it's really the "mass" I don't care for. It's good to be home. Sliding behind the wheel in my car last night brought a sigh of relief.
10. I think I can do anything if I want to do it enough. I was not sure when I got to NYC on Monday, but now that I'm home safe and sound, I'm pretty sure. And I'm putting it right here in writing. Somebody remind me the next time something like this comes up. Then stand back. Refer to Number 1. I can be mean if I'm provoked (probably not really).

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Elizabeth Ann said...

Happy to have you home - I hope the next days of your vacation get better though.....