Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The haul

I'm only showing my fabric purchases. I didn't buy any yarn at Purl, mainly because it's harder for me to make snap yarn decisions. It's easier to grab up fabric bundles and know that when you sit them around (because you're never actually going to get around to making anything with them because you have great plans but the attention span of a gnat), they're going to be beautiful.

I'm not as convinced of yarn's ability to sit around, stay neat, and look pretty.

So at Purl, I bought a bundle of Kokka dwarf fabrics, because they reminded me of a story that I pitched that morning. These will probably never become anything but just in case, I bought a little bit more (cutesy, wittle deers this time and a hedgehog just in case) at a local quilt show last weekend because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

And then I made it to City Quilter. In my investigation before the trip, I had determined that I needed these New York fabrics in the way that I needed Diet Coke. It was fairly important to get on the subway and find them. So that was my first grab when I was buzzed in. Then I went looking for Leisure Arts books, and picked up the dog fabric and the wool bundle. I don't even use wool, but it was all nicely bundled and on display so now I have some.

Add to this about 6 years' worth of new t-shirts that I will only wear in my house, 4 magnets, 2 totes, souvenir tape measures for my friends, and a Christmas ornament for the tree, that's it. I mean, that's not a lot of extra spending, right?

Oh, and books.
And a Shutterfly scrapbook.

Really, I think that's it. I consider going with one suitcase and returning with only one suitcase to be success.

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pat sloan said...

i got 2 ny fabrics and a NY tea towel!