Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So Jack has two speeds:
go, go, Go, GO, GOOOOO! (seen in video format yesterday)

Darcy used to sleep in this chair too, but nothing like Jack does.
I was thinking this weekend about how much I miss her, her absolute perfect fit for my life. And also this chair. She was the anti-lap dog but we were never separated by much space. I really, really miss her.

Jack is the ultimate lap dog. Look up "lap dog" in the dictionary and you will see his funny face. In fact, he's more a "chest dog" or even a "stand on your shoulders or lay across your neck" dog. Sigh. Jack is happily, adorably imperfect. Somedays I really have to concentrate on the adorable part, but he is always pretty funny.

This is completely unposed. I have a series of shots showing how he came to be sleeping peacefully while dangling off the chair.

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