Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Canine Good Citizen, not so much

Jack started his next class, the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification, last night. And I'm very, very tired. Fourteen dogs. One was absent. Twelve were calm, cool, and collected, although there was more angry dog barking and snapping last night than I've seen before, probably because the space is too small for  that many dogs. While we were actually being tested, there was a lot of standing and waiting. During this, twelve of those dogs stood or sat and watched their owners or the other dogs in the center.

And then you have Jack. Honestly, he was wild. And not even food got his attention. It was exhausting. While the dog next to him was all "I am a serious student and must pay attention", Jack was more like "Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, WatchaDoin?, Hi, Hi, MyName'sJack, Hi, Hello, Hi, WhatKindaTreatsYouGot?, Hi, Hi, Hi, MyName'sJack, WhatchaDoin?" all while pulling at the end of his leash. Add to that sniffing every square inch of the dogged up floor, barking at the wheelchair test, and refusing to stay and I mostly wished I'd stopped at one class.

People who had previously met Jack understood. The new people were all "Wow, he's so happy to be here" with raised eyebrows.

On the up side, he was definitely having fun. I was afraid he was going to dislocate his whole hind end. He's going to stay in the country while I'm at Quilt Market. Maybe beagles Harley and Betty will teach him some cool.

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