Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ignorance was more bliss-like

I felt like such a responsible grown up on Saturday. I attended the meeting of my "property owner's association" also known as the people who collect money to keep the subdivision sign lit.

Reason for the meeting: They haven't been doing that and so the sign isn't lit. And the grass around it isn't taken care of. And two of the three elected previously have left the building.

So, that's good. But a concerned group has called us all together to re-elect and make a plan. This plan will get the sign lit, the grass cut, and So. Much. More. We need speed bumps, a playground, and a neighborhood watch. When it came time to elect, I did my best "not it" head duck.

It was eventful. I now know how often things are being broken into, including garages while people sleep, and how many drug busts there have been. Apparently, one was made in connection with my late-night visit from the police. Remember that? Yeah. I remember it well. So I'm sleeping well, ears peeled for any sound and occasionally lurking behind curtains to peer out into the urban jungle of my neighborhood. I'm thinking about getting Jack his own German Shepherd too. Googling "burglar" for an image for this post creeped me way out.

I'm on vacay next week. I have a list of security measures to execute. I'll let you know if I pick up a police dog for Jack's protection.

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