Friday, January 20, 2012

Enthusiasm, or why you should probably have a dog

Jack's morning routine is this:
My alarm clock goes off. I get up, hit snooze, and try to get nine more minutes of blessed rest.
Jack immediately begins nudging, clambering, crawling, poking and prodding.
My alarm goes off again. I throw myself out of bed in a bad mood, slap off the alarm in a bad mood, and climb in the shower in a bad mood.
Jack is waiting for me when I get out. His is happy. I am only awake.
I dress myself and smoosh a bit of goop in my hair before adding a thin layer of veneer to my face.
Then Jack and I run into the living room. He picks up the ball. I throw it. He brings it back.
We do this for a time. The limit depends on how many times I hit the snooze.
I pack a healthy and not quite appetizing lunch. Jack sits and waits, tail wagging.

Then I pack his purple toy with treats. And this is what that looks like. Everyone should have a dog. The enthusiasm is not quite contagious but it makes me smile before I hit the commute.

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