Friday, March 02, 2012

Moving. On up. Into the mountains. For real.

I actually called Benton "civilization" this week. I brought my laptop with me so that I could get online for a few glorious seconds to look for a job and it had been an eternity since I could do anything larger than the tiny, slow window on my iPhone. To be sitting here, in front of my laptop, in my new home using the real world wide web makes me nearly giddy with connectivity.

Cell phone reception here is crap, usable, but not reliable, and I get voicemails on a serious time delay. And it's just right here, in this house. When I go to town (yes, I said it), cell reception is great. After a glorious visit to the phone company, I now have a landline for local calls AND DSL. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus and the phone company, prayers have been answered! I would say I'm not serious, but I totally am. I knew I would survive after the DirecTV guy came, 6 hours late but who really cares? I have eleventy billion channels, DVR, and now an internet connection.

I think I'll survive, even here in the wilds.

Where am I?

Come on over to the new blog for's in the building stages still but I'll be posting there from now on.
Goodbye, Living in a Material World. Hello, COME SEE ME!


Anonymous said...

I bought your book because I was quite taken by the pattern for August baby afghans. I am way over my head but I am determined to complete this afghan. I am stomped. I need help and direction. I don't understand this concept. of FPdc. I am having trouble on the first round. The last sentence tat says 12 sts and4 ch-1 sps. I know I am over my head but I am jumping in sink or swim. I am between jobs and thought this along with expecting my grandson in February would be a good project. Please help.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, I don't work for Leisure Arts anymore so I don't update this blog anymore. To get technical help, there's a form at Someone will be happy to contact you to help with problems you're having. Look under Customer Service for the form and phone numbers. Here's a link:

Jorden Henry said...

Cheap Tulle: Thank you! I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative and interesting posts.

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Thank you! I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative and interesting posts.


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