Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This Material World

Darcy, the Princess

OK, so we're having this discussion in a meeting today about how popular blogs are and I'm wondering about how interesting my life is. Tell me what you think...

I work at Leisure Arts, a wonderland for just about anybody with any artsy craftsy interests. If you love quilting (or cross stitch, knit, crochet, paint, scrapbooking, beading, crafting...basically, any crafty hobby), then this is a place you're going to be interested in. I'll be adding some pix, because you just have no idea how many great projects are in this building and we can tell you how to make all of them. Since I spend so much time here, you'll probably find out more than you ever wanted to know about publishing arts and crafts publications. (Hints: we don't really wear power suits or "do lunch" very often. It's more creative than corporate most of the time!) Of course, we all love the hobby, so we're equal-opportunity crafters and love to work on great designs, no matter who publishes them. I may have to rely on friends for good pictures of FINISHED projects, since I really don't manage to "finish" much! Isn't it really all about enjoying the journey? I try to tell myself that.

I'm single, and the only kids I'll feature are 2 handsome, intelligent, athletic nephews...and the most beautiful black lab mix in the world. I'm a dog mom, and can be just as proud of her as if I had an honor student worthy of a bumper sticker.

I'm an MBA student. Sigh.
I'm also an optimist. I've gotten a passport and managed to make it to Peru twice on mission trips and I'd really like to go again...or to someplace new. I hope exciting things will happen and sometimes they do. Other times, I'll probably have weird accidents and strange luck to post about.

Oh, and here's another shot of the princess.

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