Friday, April 07, 2006

Ladies who Lunch and topics of conversation

I love Fridays! When it's spring time and the weather is warm, but not too warm, it's really difficult to go into work. Even non-landscaper like me get the urge to plant some color when the sun shines like this. I actually feel sorry for the flowers as they go in because I know that they will have very short lives. I always want to say a few words as I put the dirt down because I know that this is the final resting place of some lovely annuals. Around my house, they die too soon.

Today I went to a great "good luck with your new job/congratulations on your promotion" lunch for 2 really great guys that I work with at Leisure Arts. Guys are few and far between around here, but these 2 handle the chatter about Clinique bonus days and ways to darken your eyebrows very well. They sit together at the end of the table and ignore it! It is great to get away from the office to spend time with the people that I work with.

We had a rowdy conversation about American Idol and the entirely unacceptable elimination of Mandisa. The conspiracy theories abound, but the best one was that she was voted off because she showed too much of her arms. As a fellow "did we get a bigger stage?" girl, I feel it necessary to defend her right to wear it, even though wearing a halter top on national television is a recurring nightmare of mine. Not really, but I think now it might be. Good luck to Mandisa! Personally, I'm a true blue Taylor fan, "Country Roads" and all. I wonder what would happen if he went sleeveless? As long as nobody touches the hair, I think he'll be OK.

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