Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Piggott Part (Mini horses!)

So, if you aren't from Arkansas (and maybe if you are), you've probably never heard of Piggott. It's nearly out of Arkansas, close to the Missouri line. It's a great place where we stay at the H Bed and Breakfast (the H's are the parents of one of the quilters). We have a great time every year because they make us so welcome. Mrs. H is a real, live quilter...she quilts by hand...and she finishes things...all the time! I'm always impressed when anyone finishes quilts. I can only manage wall hangings!

Some of the attraction is out in the barn...miniature horses! And this year, there was a baby! How cute are these pictures? The only thing cuter would be a box of puppies, but then, I have a small hesitation around horses. Do you see how their eyes glow? I swear at one point, one was giving me wild eyes. These horses are small, but they do have teeth.

These are soon-to-be mothers...the horses, not the ladies. I think this may be the only picture that I have of the innocent bystander that we picked up for the trip from Leisure Arts. She's a graphic artist here, so she doesn't quilt...but we'll keep working on it. She's a great addition to the group, so I hope she'll be a part of next year's party.

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Anonymous said...

Love the virtual pet! What great pics of the quilts and the new mini horses.