Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shameless plea for comments

OK, so I know most of my friends, who happen to be very smart about many subjects, aren't really blog savvy (computer geeks). They scored pretty low on the Nerd test. The lowest score I've heard of is 7%. We often have conversations about the wonders of electricity, telephones, and airplanes. We don't understand how these things work, but we appreciate them anyway (OK, a couple of them aren't crazy about airplanes, but they do like it when they stay up in the air instead of crashing down). So...since we're instruction writers every day, I'm putting instructions on how to make a comment.

1. Look below this post. At the bottom, you see the date, 0 comments, links to this post, and an icon to e-mail me.
2. In this line, there's something that probably says "0 comments" since, as I've said, I'm currently begging for comments. Click on it.
3. A box pops up where you type your comments (or copy the code from something like the Nerd test to get the banner...or maybe not).
4. Choose "Other" unless you have a Blogger account (easy to set up, if you'd like to be one of the crowd). Please put your name on the comment, so I know who to blame.
5. Type in the crazy letters for verification ('cuz this should be a spam-free zone).
6. They don't show up immediately because I've cleverly set it up so that I have the chance to moderate all comments. Something I can control! YES!
7. Wait for my witty repartee. It's bound to be clever.

To see an example, go to "The Piggott Part" on May 3 to see Mary's comment (click on the line that says 1 comment).

Now, I know several clever, highly entertaining people who should be throwing their opinions (and their scores on the Nerd test) around to help a sister out with the blog. (Come on, Brenda! You know you want to!)

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Anonymous said...

i'll take pity on the poor material girl. It seems that out of our little group at work, I am the nerdiest, with a score of 43 (the fact that I knew that Vulcans don't smile may have something to do with that). So I will take my nerd pocket protector and taped glasses and wear them with pride!