Monday, May 22, 2006

Takin' it to the Streets (Vote for Taylor!)

Listen to Taylor's Music (click me).

So, since I need to post something and I didn't capture my weekend in pictures so that I could entertain you, I'm going to go with something easy...
Vote for Taylor! Vote for Taylor! (you have to read this with a girly squeal to get the true effect)
Since I know the last 4 people on the earth who don't watch American Idol, I thought I'd help Taylor out and spread the message. I can't imagine how they've escaped the madness that is American Idol, but I'm sure they've gotten enough of it through osmosis/lunch discussions with those in the know, to be aware of my Taylor preference.

Sorry, Elliott! I liked you, too, but I was already a part of the Soul Patrol. And, just to be fair, I put a picture of Katherine on, too...but you should really Vote for Taylor! What WILL I do when the season's over? I think I'm actually going to have to do something meaningful with my housework.


Pat S said...

I'm one of the 4 who have not followed Idol...oh my! Must be my HIGH Geek

Cheryl said...

That's OK, Pat! You must be one of THOSE know, the ones that use their time WISELY, for productive purposes. I have to revise my number up to 5, just for you.