Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Travelin' Applique, Mumm Milestones, Colorful Seasons

Since I managed to post covers successfully last week, I decided I better do it again because I need all the practice I can get. Believe or not, I'm actually better with words than anything else, especially these "newfangled cyberspace webby technology-things" (you have to read that in a cranky old lady voice or it doesn't work at all). I was lucky to get the barking dog on the sidebar, and I probably couldn't do it again if my life depended on it!

This is the cover for Debbie Mumm's Milestones and Memories (#4493) that was released in April. It celebrates 20 years of Debbie Mumm...a great anniversary! If you go to her website (www.debbiemumm.com), you'll get a chance to read a note from Debbie about this anniversary and her 50th birthday! She's also got a slideshow with plenty of photography from this book, so if you're a Debbie Mumm fan, you really need to visit her site.

This is such a great idea...applique blocks for the great American road trip! Travelin' America in Applique (#4248) by designer Ursula Michael has 100 applique patterns covering...America, like the name says. From the beaches of the East Coast, to the woods of the Mountain States, and including Alaska AND Hawaii...there's an applique pattern for it all. There are some basic applique instructions, but you can also finish them fast by doing what Ursula did...fuse them down, sew the blocks together, quilt it and go. 100 patterns, 148 pages, for the great price of $24.95 (although there is not ONE Razorback to be found in this book, an oversight that should be corrected if there's ever a Travelin' America, Vol. 2: Stops along I-30 or Places to Visit between Memphis and Dallas).

OK, one more cover, and then April releases are done. This fun publication is Row by Row Seasonal Quilts (#4124) by Linda Lum DeBono. There are 6 quilts in this publication (Spring, Summer, Fall, Halloween, Noel, and Ho!Ho!Ho...technically NOT seasons, but seasonAL anyway). Linda does a great job of picking brights for fun quilts. She's got her own blog started and has posted a cover for her first book, too, so if you like this, go there to check out the other (dzyningthings.blogspot.com).

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