Friday, May 12, 2006

May Days...Bright Batiks, Fun Frogs, and Happy Quilts

May releases are ready to view, so take a look at these from some of my favorite designers. Click on the image to see a bigger picture.

The first cover is Bugs, Blooms, and Bullfrogs (#3900) by Pat Sloan. This book has instructions for 12 projects (quilts, pillows, pillowcases, pajama bag) all decorated with funny frogs, lovely lady bugs, and folksy flowers (I'm an editor, not a writer, but that's pretty good, right?) It's a good looking publication by one of my favorite people, Pat Sloan. Pat's got a great website in the links below. She's started her own blog, too, which links to her page. Right now, I think you can see what a true artiste's studio looks like (a lot like mine, but lots of pretty things come out of her jumble).

This next cover for Bold Batik Quilts (#3939) by Heidi Pridemore is so bold, it just jumps off the page. These batik quilts are bright, bright, bright! Don't they make you want to rush to the fabric store? Heidi's design company is called the Whimsical Workshop. Heidi also has a cute website (see the sidebar) telling about all the she's doing (see the fabric line). Check it out!

Last (but not least) is the cover for Happy Days Quilts (#3989) by Tammy Tadd. We've done several books now with Tammy and she's got so many different looks, but her quilts always have personality. The cover quilt is called Sand In My Pants. The leaflet will tell you why it's called Sand In My Pants. A couple of my favorite names are On A Roll and Kick the Can. There's a link to Tammy's website in the sidebar, so check it out to see what she's up to.

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