Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New for July!

4122 It's Your Turn! Round Robin Fun with Pat Sloan
FINALLY! I didn't forget to post the cover (just a little technical difficulty on my part-no big, right?). This is such a fun book that it deserves a second post anyway. For more pictures, see June's archives. There are more pictures of projects and some lovely quilters that I know. Pat has a link in the sidebar and she's blogging, too, so check it out.

4388 Quilted Treasures by Peggy Waltman is also available. These are very pretty quilts, using some paper-piecing to get precise blocks. Nice photos, lots of embroidery, and if you like "words" (like I do!), there's a quilt for you called "Candystick".

To find out more about Peggy, go to http://www.hopskotchquilting.com.

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