Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

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The last stop on my vacation at home was Pinnacle Mountain State Park. I'd gone around the base trail before and have even climbed to the top in my younger, less achy/sore muscle days, but it was beautiful weather and worth the time this week.

1. Shady paths (and only 1.5 miles on the base trail). This was the perfect place to take Darcy on a walk. Little did I know we could have done the whole trail, but I was afraid I'd have to carry a 70-pound dog back if we went any further.

2. Parts I've never seen. So, in 33 years, I've never been to the visitor center or on the trail that starts up there. Definitely worth the trip. Darcy wasn't looking so cheerful about the climb, so I called it early on account of lack of interest, but I'd like to go back on my own.

3. Look at that tongue. It's a great walk, but we're both a little out of shape to be trying it in July.

4. The Scenic Overlook. How pretty is this! I have more pictures, but I ran out of Flickr room, so I'll have to wait to post more.

5. Darcy's new favorite walk. I think we both like this better than Mills Park, but the creep-y/spook-y factor might be a little higher as we were the only ones on the path. Also, did I mention what a distinct possibility spraining my ankle is? Might need to find a partner for this...who could at least help me carry the dog back when needed. Anybody interested?

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