Thursday, July 27, 2006

An original poem

Owed to a dangSalad (edited for the blog)
(aka, I Heart Lettuce)

6 pounds gone this week, victory at last.
Alas, it usually doesn’t happen so fast.
44 pounds total and many more to go,
I’m thankful for our Biggest Loser game (not show).

No ice cream, no pizza, no cookies, please.
Instead, lettuce, carrots, and a little cheese,
A little lite dressing, of course, on the side,
Salads are the key to turning the tide.

Lose 3, gain 5, an epic battle to win.
Up and down, over and over, time and again.
Growling, rumbling, empty, my stomach cries,
“Why can’t we just have a burger and fries?”

No burger, no fries, nothing you want.
For you, it’s a treadmill, your new favorite haunt.
Try Weight Watchers, South Beach, and Oprah’s friend Bob,
Find 8 extra hours to run. Do you really need a job?

I’ve heard love of money is the root of sin.
Let’s add to that the burning desire to win.
Friends turn less friendly when the pot is at stake,
“Let’s trick her with some not-so-lite cake.”

I do think they love me anyway.
At least, they keep letting me play.
To encourage me, I think they tell me lies.
You know, I CAN still see the size of my thighs.

You probably know this battle with waist,
If not, please exit my blog with all haste.
Thin is in, or so I’ve been told,
But, man, these salads get old!

1 comment:

Jean said...

Very Cute! You KNOW your friends would not trick you or lie to you! Izzy's pie, anyone?