Sunday, July 02, 2006

...&the RiverMarket & Riverfront Park

After the Clinton Library, I made my way down President Clinton Ave. to the congestion that is the RiverMarket on Saturday morning. I thought this Saturday would be a little's H-O-T for one thing, and all happy people should be out on boats this weekend, right? Apparently not!

1. Farmer's Market-this place was crazy! People packed in elbow to elbow. After I managed to luck into a non-parallel parking spot (I'd still be circling otherwise), I waded in and it was very cool to see all the things being sold there. I'm not sure what some of it was, and I didn't buy anything, but the people...very good people watching.

2. Street vendors and musicians-the kind of things for sale were also...different, but I really liked the musicians playing. They were set up with speakers, accepting donations in the guitar case. Very cool. They had a great bluegrass sound.

3. Riverfront Park-this is a very pretty park when it isn't overrun by the crowds of Riverfest. Although the people watching is much less entertaining at the everyday Riverfront Park, the river and park are very pretty. I stayed until "friendly" guys sitting on benches started talking to me. And did I mention it was H-O-T?

4. La Petite Roche-is really hard to find now thanks to all the improvements down there. For all my non-Little Rock natives out there, this is the landmark rock on the river that the town is named for. I found the sign marking the place but I was never sure which rock was THE rock.

5. Progress-when I visited this area again, I realized how much Little Rock has changed downtown.


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