Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Graduate school field trips!

So I usually only complain about Finance when I speak about graduate school. And...someone really should complain about it. But, now I'm taking a Management class in Business Communication. Yes! I'm killing in the whole communication thing. Finally, something I CAN do!

Last night we went on a field trip to see the 6pm newscast. Live! In person! How much fun is that? We got to see Bob, Jancey, and Brett do the ACTUAL newscast, first from the control room and then we went down to the studio. I really enjoyed it, expecially watching the weather done on green screen. KARK's sports guy is in Fayetteville, always in Fayetteville for the Razorback Nation, so no Bo.

Field trips at 33--just as much fun as I remembered (especially since I drive myself instead of riding on the schoolbus). As an added bonus, we also got to go home w-a-a-y-y early. Yes!
Tomorrow night, we're going to an advertising agency. If it weren't for the pesky peach presentation that I have to do, I'd really be looking forward to that, too. It is still the last class in this last class before my very last class to get another diploma. Definitely something to look forward to, right?

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