Thursday, August 10, 2006

Weather Pixie

The WeatherPixie
Thanks, Mary! Here is another self portrait (har, har, wearing a bikini, right!). Actually, Mary sent me the link. Weather Pixie will show you what to wear based on weather conditions here in Little Rock. That's pretty cool! I had to pick the girl with the dog, but I'm not sure the dog goes with the outfit. I am contemplating moving her to the sidebar, but I'm afraid of what she does if the temperature goes any higher. Don't think I want a nekkid weather pixie in my sidebar!
The WeatherPixie
Just for fun, I switched to Alaska, too. Man, weather pixies in Alaska are a little scary! I think I would get a green mohawk if I could also have 55 degrees instead of 100! 100! That's what Arkansas bikini girl says right now! 100! Sheesh! We probably SHOULD be wearing bikinis today.

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