Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Cool Cubicle

My Messy Office

SmartMoney- The Cool Cubicle - AOL Money & Finance

More work stuff from AOL (apparently, AOL is my guest writer this week). I'll read any article including the words "pimp your cubicle." I am lucky enough to have an office/file room/storage closet area. I've lived in some nicer offices, but this one definitely has its advantages.
My office blessings...
1. a door but no gigantic window to the hallway.
2. the partial view of the waving flag (as long as I don't shut the door. If the door is shut, I'm definitely sitting in a closet.)
3. the excellent neighborhood.

And I'm asking myself 2 questions:
1. Cube Chic? Why didn't we think of that? Could I get Design to pimp my office? (Yes, that counts as one question. It would be too long to ask myself one question with all those elements) I like the nap theme. I don't really want to be the office freak (no comments please), but as I've said already...naps are good.
Cube Chic
$15.95, Barnes & Noble
Picture it: Faux bamboo coverings for your cube walls, a Zen garden, candles and a desktop fountain. Whatever your sense of style, author and designer Kelley Moore offers tips on how to make it happen. Decorate your space with animal prints and mosquito netting for a Safari Cube, or use a poster and window "frame" to create an office with a view for the CEO Cube. Our personal favorite? The Nap Cube, complete with cereal dispensing machine and cozy nook for napping. Sure you'll be the office freak. But you'll also have a cube that you can truly call home.

2. Where can I get one of these USB cooler things?
USB Beverage Chiller
$19.99, Xoxide
You put your soda in the office fridge, and some jerk steals it. This USB chiller plugs right into your computer, and keeps beverages at a frosty 45 degrees. Use it to cool your room-temperature drinks, or keep a chilly drink from warming up.

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