Wednesday, September 13, 2006


From Wikipedia: The word "Strategery" was first used in a Saturday Night Live sketch aired October 7, 2000, satirizing the performances of Al Gore and George W. Bush, two candidates for President of the United States, during the first presidential debate for election year 2000. [1] Comedian Will Ferrell played Bush and used the word "strategery" (a play on the words "strategy" and "strategic") to satirize Bush's reputation for mispronouncing words. After winning the 2000 Presidential Election, people inside the Bush White House reportedly began using the term as a joke, and it later grew to become a term of art among them meaning oversight of any activity by Bush's political strategists. Bush's strategists also came to be known within the White House as "The Department of Strategery" or the "Strategery Group"

Monday night in my last class...the ultimate class...the final class...the "no-way-in-the-world-am-I-ever-getting-mixed-up-in-this-again" class, I had 2 revelations. The first: I'm meant for Strategery. OK..."Strategic Management." What is "strategic managment" you may ask...that, in a nutshell, makes this revelation less inspiring. Basically, it's building a strategy for a company based on the industry, the company, sustainable competitive advantages, etc. I get it, I can do it, really need a leadership position or have the ability to demand large consulting fees.
The second: I'm suffering from burnout. Not job burnout, but life burnout. Dr. Stone said that when you're burned out, you hang a picture of Europe up at work, so when you're at work, you're always in Europe. Deep, right? So, since I never want to be where I am (work's OK, so it may be exempt), I'm usually in Hawaii. But wouldn't it be ironic if you were in Hawaii and didn't want to be there either? Maybe I need to check out the definition of irony (funny, I knew strategery, but I'm a little fuzzy on irony).

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