Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Attic Dolls

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So, here are the dolls from yesterday, genuine Cabbage Patch and some extra flavor thrown in, fully clothed and nearly clean.

These are the real thing...little Anita Kathy and Sebastian Jackson, born September 1, 1984 and adopted on December 25, 1984 in front of witness Clara Johnson. Anita wants to be famous someday and Sebastian likes chocolate pudding (the paperwork tells me that and since I haven't seen them in years, who knows if it's still true?). The Koosa (pink animal thingy with the mohawk) was born November 1 and has no name. So sad.
The Others
Here is the rest of the collection...only Miss Beasley has a name. But her glasses are gone! My mom made the red-haired doll. She was the inspiration I needed, many years later, for the Leisure Arts Halloween contest. When you are short a dwarf (there are 7, right), you can make a "Sleepy" head and put it in a wheel barrow to fill out the group. People will be impressed with your ingenuity!

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