Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Crazy for Baby!

Okay, just try to look past the extreme cute factor of the baby face to see the quilt in the background for one minute. Great, easy, quick-to-make baby quilts, how nice! Now you can go back to enjoying sweet baby faces. These quilts come from #4161 Crazy for Baby, which should be available in November, 4 designs shown in a couple of color ways (boy? girl? wonderful surprise?). All for a great value of $10.95. Don't they give you the sudden urge to make squinchy faces, stick your tongue out or gibber away? Buy it for the pictures if nothing else!

These are from the Me & My Sister ladies, and they're just as fun as our first book which was called, oddly enough, "Me & My Sister's Fun Quilts", also available from Leisure Arts. You can find more info on both at and you find out about Me & My Sister at

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