Monday, October 16, 2006

Lessons from Zulu Dawn

You have to read this with the Movie Guy voice:
The sun dawned bloodied...two great armies met face to face...and the earth trembled to the sound of the Zulu death chant!

So, what do you get when you take a 27-year-old movie, a bad projection, static-y sound, and a dark classroom? 15 sleeping MBAs if they're lucky.

If not, you get to hear a lecture about the inbound logistics, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, human resources and the infamous firm infrastructure of the dumb British army and the huge-mongous Zulu army. So they don't have guns, and they don't have horses. They don't need them! There are 30,000 of them and they're mad. The crazy British general people should have kept a river between them and the Zulus. But do they listen? Noooo. I haven't seen the end of the movie yet, but I have a bad feeling.

To give credit where credit is due, using a movie to illustrate these things...pretty good idea. And it isn't really the teacher's pick. Group #1, the always prepared group, ahead of the rest of us, please can't we take the test in class next week group, picked the century. So now we affectionately call them Zulu Dawn. When they aren't around.

Still...I don't have time to worry about the Zulus, I have a paper to write, which must consist of a gazillion pages, graphs, charts, tables, financial statments, blood, sweat, and lots of tears (on my part, the rest of the group seems to be A-OK). To rest, I'm going to contemplate the countdown at the bottom of the page. How many more days...

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