Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A line-up of unusual suspects

Halloween is a party around Leisure Arts. Here's the Quilt Department (lined up along the wall like we're suspects in a funny criminal matter of some kind). So...we're quilt blocks...from left to right, a (Sock) Monkey Wrench, a (rootin' tootin') Lone Star, a (ho-hum) Nine Patch, and a (very young) Grandmother's Flower Garden. My costume could use a little pizzazz, but I do get some points for an original idea. They just did it better than I did! Now then, who do you think did it? I think the sock monkey looks guilty...and you should see her tail!

The captions would be either:
From the boardgame Clue:
Pee Wee the Sock Monkey killed Mr. Body in the Atrium with a large wrench.

Yes, Officer, I'm certain suspect number 1 is the one you're looking for. I'd never forget a face (or tail) like that.

We didn't get much love from the judges, but the quilters in the audience should appreciate it!

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