Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tax (the personal kind) deadline

Pulaski Personal Property Tax, sort of a tongue twister. Why do we pay "personal property tax"? On top of "sales tax" that we have to pay to purchase said personal property. As it was explained to me, we pay sales tax for the privilege of buying stuff, we pay personal property tax for the privilege of keeping stuff.

Uh, this isn't meant to be some political tirade about the "dad-gum guv'ment" or "the revenuers". I was just curious about where my whopping personal property taxes go when they leave me. Well, as whopping as they can be if you own next to nothing. I had no idea about life without personal property tax or that some places asked you to "volunteer" to pay more. Weird!

Since I'm a big fan of the po-po (translation: po-lice) and other protection, I guess it's for a good cause. (If you feel the need to argue, see note below.)

Here's what it's used for in Pulaski county:
County General / City General Funds Provide

Ø County Sheriff
Ø County Regional Jail
Ø City Police Departments
Ø Juvenile Detention
Ø Fire Protection
Ø Coroner’s Department
Ø County & City Governments
Ø Animal Control
Ø Election Commission
Ø County Recorder (Deeds & Liens)
Ø Marriage License
Ø Voter Registration
Ø 18 Courts: Circuits / Juvenile / District
Ø Emergency Management

Note: (Please, please, please do not comment if you want to talk political injustice or taxation without representation or robbing the rich to give to the poor or the electoral college or whatever. I have no political affiliation and even less interest in fighting over it. I agree with you. How's that?)

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