Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Days 'til Thanksgiving?

8 days...Since I've admitted my attachment to lists and countdowns, I was going to do a countdown post to include a "days until Christmas" mention. Unfortunately, it's already hard to miss that Christmas is looming, but I thought I'd pause for a minute for Thanksgiving. Did you know that there's an organization dedicated to Thanksgiving and its traditions? Here's a little history...

History of Thanksgiving in America
According to most historians, the Pilgrims never observed an annual Thanksgiving feast in autumn. In the year 1621, they did celebrate a feast near Plymouth, Massachusetts, following their first harvest. But this feast most people refer to as the first Thanksgiving was never repeated. Oddly enough, most devoutly religious pilgrims observed a day of thanksgiving with prayer and fasting, not feasting. Yet even though this harvest feast was never called Thanksgiving by the pilgrims of 1621, it has become the model for the traditional Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States.

And then back to the countdown idea...28 days until Corporate Strategy is D-O-N-E! Exactly 4 more weeks of suffering and then...no more Strategery! (Insert happy dance here.) Thanksgiving is important, but December 12 will be a true day of celebration and thanksgiving for me.

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