Friday, November 24, 2006


For months now, I've been thinking about trading in my Jeep for a new car. I've been going back and forth between sensible and getting what I want. Sensible was winning because I didn't really know about anything that I wanted. My brother, who is my financial advisor (dangerous, really, if you think about it), said in an offhand manner, "You should really think about getting a Pontiac Solstice." Having no idea what that was, I just shrugged and went on.

I checked it out and decided that, while it didn't really make great financial sense, at least I had something now on the "get what I want" side of the argument. When everything fell apart this summer, I just put it all on the back burner. Now, as I only have 999,999,999 things to worry about, I decided to move it back to the front (taking the place of the rock solid peanut butter fudge). So today, I actually drove a Pontiac Solstice. IF you don't know anything about these, they're 2-seat convertibles and they're tough to come by. I had to wait for an automatic to come in to take one for a drive. The dealership only had one. Now they have two. Silver wasn't what I wanted, but it sure does look nice sitting in my driveway, doesn't it? So now, the hard part...deciding the winner of the argument. And everyone points out my age as a factor in favor of getting the convertible. I thought I had to be sensible at 33, but apparently my time is running out on "getting what I want" so I better make good use of my remaining convertible driving years. That's really depressing if you think about it, so I'm just going to remember the "wind in my hair" sensation.

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