Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strategy Mind Games

Sunday I went into a serious funk over the Corporate Strategy class. I thought I had only 2 weeks left. I can do anything for 2 weeks, right? And then...the prof sent out an email saying, "Oh, wait, there's one more week in the semester so let's stretch out the joy of this life sucking project for as long as we can and do this on December 18 instead of December 11." Actually, I'm paraphrasing.

Monday,happy class time (read in a monotone, deadpan kinda voice). On the previous Monday, we handed in a "Readiness Exam" that we were supposed to have taken about Week 2 of the semester, before we were "allowed" to join a group. It was take-home. At the handout of the test, Group Zulu Dawn (there's a previous post to explain that one) came in taunting us, saying we would all fail. The prof told us more than once that most people don't pass it the first time. The mind games in the class are OUT-OF-CONTROL!

The test itself involved a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and financial ratios based on them. I labored. I've made the lowest grade in my academic career in this class and this is a FINANCE test. Let me just mention this, finance is hard. All my friends give me the nudge-nudge-wink-wink thing and pat me on the head because I made good grades, but I worked for them and it was hard. Worked like I've
never had to work for a grade. And it's too bad because it's kinda important to success in business and management, apparently. Anyway, I made a B. It's a cel-e-bra-tion! (Sing it like Kool & the Gang did.)

Then, it gets even better. We sit through about half of U-571, listening to the prof tell us about this navy guy's referent power, that one's legitimate power, and human resources and communication problems exhibited by these poor guys on the broken sub. And I'm thinking "Matthew McConaghey, he's weird but he's cute." Zulu Dawn had obnoxiously given us some "Good luck" statement in some cheesy, fake-y way that had me mumbling and the boys in my group telling the girls to be nice. We show the prof the latest addition to the life-sucking paper. He says "Good." Then we all join together, and we're chomping at the bit to leave (it happens).Then, a discussion of the benefits of being a part of Beta Something Something, the business honor fraternity. He has invitations to join for the people who qualify in his class, 6 of the 15. And I got one! And 4 of the 5 people in my group got one. 4 of the 6! Leaving only 2 for Zulu Dawn (and none for the "off the bridge" group, but I don't think any of them expected one anyway). IN YOUR FACE, Zulu Dawn. This is why I don't play sports anymore. Competition gets to me.

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