Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Great gifts

Christmas is over and I'm glad to look forward to 2007, but before we go on...I got some great gifts from my family this year! A couple of books and CDs, my favorite perfume, a gift certificate to my fancy sal-on (massage? or hair color maintenance? hmmm, difficult question), some clothes, and...a class paid for at Bedford Camera. How exciting! It starts in February. Of course, that means the digital camera question gains more importance. Uh, too bad I already bought the Janome that Marie showed me! We'll see how great a quilter I am now, just as soon as I have a chance to take it out of the box. I refuse to leave the house tomorrow. Maybe that will get it done.

I wanted to play today, but I decided to take care of business stuff (banks and some of my mom's insurance stuff) and took Darcy to the vet. I was a little depressed after that. I think she has arthritis, but Dr. Gloom put the idea of bone cancer in my head. I really need to find a new vet. Now we try the anti-inflammatory and hope that it works. If it does, she'll have to have tests to see if she can take it forever. Not thinking about that. Photography classes, new sewing machine, happy place...

And on a happier note, I also got my Strategery grade today.

Man, it's hard to build suspense when you write. I got an A! An A! Final GPA: 3.87, and that's pretty dang good! Woo hoo! Happy dance, happy dance, and sigh of relief.

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